Enter the American National Tree Creative Challenge and you could win a $1,000 Scholarship!
The American National Tree is an interactive exhibit at the National Constitution Center featuring the many Americans who have helped shape our Constitution.


The American National Tree, a popular exhibit at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, tells the stories of Americans whose actions have helped write the story of the Constitution. On September 17, a new story will be added—and you may be its scholarship-winning author!

All rising 8-12 graders who have earned a Gold Key in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards can enter. Participants must write a 250-500 word biographical essay on one of the following historical Americans: John MarshallVictoria WoodhullThaddeus StevensMartin Delany, or Samuel J. Tilden.

More information about each person can be found on our blog. Essays are due no later than August 3, 2015.

If your essay is selected, you will be invited to Philadelphia to see your essay added to the tree on September 17 and you will earn a $1,000 scholarship!

Send your essay to:
American National Tree Award
Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
557 Broadway, New York, NY, 10012

Or email it to nationalawards@artandwriting.org with the subject line: American National Tree Award

Be sure to include your name and email address with your submission! Have fun, and good luck!


Help Jeffrey to attend the SVA Pre-College Program: http://www.gofundme.com/w2bytf7.  Thank you to all of you that have donated already 🙂

*On a side note, you could also use this site to help you raise funds to go to Europe.  Once you enroll, you are given a donation page through EF Tours that is similar to this.

Summer Homework

Summer HW Rising 11th – PHOTO

*this document can also be found on my MAC website page

PAMM Art Summer Camp


I am excited to share with you that the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is introducing an Art Camp for children ages 6-12 and a Teen Art Intensive on filmmaking for teens ages 13-17 this summer.  I’ve provided more information below about these programs, check it out and feel free to share with your friends and contacts in the community.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am always available and happy to help with your questions.

PAMM Art Summer Camp

To register and more information: http://www.pamm.org/artcamp

Monday, 06/08 – Friday, 07/24, 9am – 3pm

*No camp week of Monday, 06/29 – Friday, 07/03

PAMM Art Camp is a fun and engaging six-week camp for children (ages 6-12) that offers the opportunity to explore elements of design through art-based activities and explore works on-view through in-gallery experiences.  Parents may purchase preferred weeks or all six weeks package.  Lunch is not included.

Early bird special until May 31st!

Museum Members: $240/week

Non-members: $260/week

Regular rates after May 31st

Members: $300/week

N/M: $325/week


PAMM Teen Art Intensive: The Remake: Lessons in Movie-making

To register and more information: http://www.pamm.org/calendar/2015/05/pamm-teen-art-intensive-remake-lessons-movie-making

Monday, 06/29 – Friday, 07/03, 11am – 5pm

Join Miami-based artist Felecia Carlisle in a five day intensive movie-making teen workshop centered around remaking the pioneering film Rabbit’s Moon by Kenneth Anger. Throughout the week, participants will learn about set design, storyboarding, editing and character development.

Members: $240/week

Non-members: $260/week

Limited scholarships available, for information contact mpritikin@pamm.org

Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing from you!


Mariela Rossel Pritikin

Studio Programs Manager

786 345 5602 | mpritikin@pamm.org

Hey guys,

There has been a change in our schedule for next class, Thursday, May 14th.

We have a special guest, Marta Viciedo, you may remember her from Purple Line and Parking Day, coming to visit our class during 6th period.  She will leading a discussion on creative ways to put together a resume.  Marta will be going over the elements of resume, and an infographic resume vs a conventional resume.  Please We will be meeting in the Mezzanine, please be prepared with your sketchbooks and a writing utensil.

We will be moving the critique for the Era Posters to Monday, May 18th.


Ms. Shelly

Just wanted to remind you all of some upcoming dates:

  • Looking Back Digital Collages should be uploaded to DropBox.
  • Era Research is DUE tomorrow.  I would like all of the following to be in a folder, ready to turn in:
    • Refer to previous posts for more details about the requirements for research.
    • In addition to the research laid out in the previous post I would like to see any additional research, reading, and annotating you have done in preparation.
    • Outline of your design for Era Poster.  I would like to see a sketch of your idea/composition and what you intend on doing. I would also like a brief written explanation of your project.  In the explanation I would like details on what and how your choices were influenced by your era.
    • Poster will be DUE Thursday, May 14th.
  • Independent Projects
    • DUE by Friday, May 22nd
    • I would like everyone to make time to meet with me independently by Friday, May 8th to discuss your ideas.   Be prepared with your outline, research, and progress.

Request for Photographers….

Good Morning!

We need 3 photographers to photograph and videotape the music concert on Thursday, May 21st.  It’s an A day.  Students will be leaving MAC at 2pm with the music students and Mr. Djuric will make sure you are all well fed.

Please let me know if you are interested, I would like to let him know who the photographers are by the end of this week.

Thanks and don’t forget you should be documenting your volunteer hours.

Giving away 50 FREE tours!

MAC Visual Arts and Photography Department is going to Paris and Rome in the Summer of 2016! Don’t forget to reserve your spot today!

I also have more great news, remind me in class tomorrow!

Visit our tour site at: http://www.eftours.com/1692442PT


Be prepared for class tomorrow, reference previous posts. 

We are staying after school tomorrow for the discussion with Blank; transportation should have been arranged. I’m estimating until about 3:30-3:45. 

You all should have downloaded the document from Dropbox in preparation for tomorrow. Documents should be printed and annotated and you should be prepared to enage in discussion, take note of any questions you might have. This link from Ms. Blank will help you with annotating: http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c2QeqcnP5O.

Guest Lecture: Ms. Blank

Just a reminder that on next Tuesday, the 14th at 2pm we have Ms. Blank visiting our class as a guest.  This is a great opportunity and a requirement, please make arrangements.  I have posted your required reading in a folder on DropBox.  Please download, print, and annotate BEFORE our lecture with Ms. Blank so you are prepared to engage in thoughtful conversation.

Tomorrow in class we will be selecting which students will be investigating what Art Era.  Start familiarizing yourself with ALL of them so you can select your preferences.  Once you get your era you will do the following in your sketchbook:

  • Research that Art Era; what was going on politically, socially, economically, etc.?
  • Artist Investigation – find three examples of artists to research from that era. What was their work about, who were they, where did they live, what made their work stand out, how do they illustrate what that era/movement was all about?
  • Key words – List of 25 words describing visual characteristics of work produced from the given era.
  • The above, along with your outline for the poster will be due on Wednesday, April 22nd.

The Art Eras that you all will be investigating include:

  1. Middle Ages – Celtic art, Romanesque, Gothic
  2. Romanticism
  3. Realism
  4. Impressionism
  5. Fauvism and Expressionism
  6. Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism, De Stijl
  7. Dada and Surrealism
  8. Abstract expressionism and Pop Art
  9. Art deco
  10. Art nouveau
  11. Folk art
  12. Postmodernism and Deconstructivism

Your Art Movement Poster will be due on Monday, May 4th.

Don’t forget to check the previous posts for what you is due tomorrow.


Miami Arts Charter School- Harley Walker

Matt Iudean


dheya campbell

Dheya originally is a small town type a gal. With her move in 2015 her life has taken on a new challenge at Miami Arts Charter! Where students have been tasked to do the 365 self portrait challenge. She is inspired by her families flaws, and motivates her to put her all into her photos. She likes to convey raw feeling and emotion in her photos. She is more oganic and is in love with b&w photos along with silent films. Have a ball keeping up with her.

N. Valentina Peralta

Miami Arts Charter School – Photography – Period 3.


Miami Arts Charter School - Period 4

Nick Suarez Photography

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 4

Lola Velez

Miami Arts Charter School/Photography/P-1

Arianne Barac

Miami Arts Charter - Photography

Katherine Nichols

Miami Arts Charter

Sol Leonardi

Miami Art Charter-Photography-Period 3


Miami Arts Charter School . Photography Period 3

Andrea Valeriano

Photography - Period 3


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Recipes - If I can do it you can!

Annavelle Saunders

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography -Period 1

Photo - Period 1

Miami Arts Charter School - Ms. Shelly

Aylen Chappeta

Miami Arts Charter-Photography Period 2

Paloma Baeumler

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 3

Jaren Alton Photography

A Photography Blog

Cassandra Guichot-Perere

Miami Arts Charter School-Photography-period 4

Pallu Chase

Miami Arts Charter School-Photography-Period 1

Abijah Bailey

Miami Arts Charter School - Photograpy- Period1

TED Blog

The TED Blog shares interesting news about TED, TED Talks video, the TED Prize and more.


By Karen

Valentina Sokolova

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 3

Daisy Karnas

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 3

Cynthia Milic

Period 2 Miami Arts Charter

Yamilet Trinidad

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 3

Molly Kenney

Miami Arts Charter / Photography / Period 3


Miami Arts Charter ~ Photography ~ Period 1

Photo - Period 6

Miami Arts Charter School - Ms. Shelly

Photo - Period 5

Miami Arts Charter School - Ms. Shelly

Domenica Passariello

Miami Arts Charter School - Photography - Period 2

Isabella Bru

Miami Arts Charter

Ralph Renick

MiamiArtsCharterSchool-Photography-Period 2

Gabby Glans


Maria Cardona

Miami Arts Charter School- Period 5

Ty Davis


Noelia Jerez

MiamiArtsCharterSchool-Photography_Period 3

camila papale

Miami Arts Charter School-Photography-Period3